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Coyote Area Real Estate

Puerto Coyote Real Estate

The Coyote area covers all the beaches of the of the municipalidad of Nandayure. The beaches in between rio Ora in the North  and rio Bongo in the South.
 These beaches are from N. to S. playa Camoronal, playa Islita, playa Corozalito, playa Bejuco,
playa Coyote (with playa San Miguel, playa Costa de Oro and playa Coyote in the South),
playa Caletas, playa Pencal. The village of San Francisco de Coyote is in the middle of these beaches  and has a choice of cabinas, good super markets, restaurants a coffee shops, a ICE office a high school, a car repair shop and you can buy gasoline. Bus connection Jicaral and a direct bus to San Jose twice a day. The people who have holiday or live here all come for the tranquility and the nature. They escaped the noisy  villages like Mal Pais and Nosara. All of the beaches are deserted, maybe you spot a surfer or fisherman at the beach.
On the beaches of San Miguel and Costa de Oro are some nice beach lots and beach houses for sale. In the hills close to the cost lines are some beautiful houses build through the years, some for sale. A bit further inland one can find very good priced fincas form 3HA to 250HA. In the mountains of Quebrada Grande and Los Angeles, close to San Francisco de Coyote and the beaches one can buy beautiful small Orange farms and coffee farms. Some with great Ocean view. Because of the height, 500M. to 1000M. the climate is very mild and the vegetation gentile and flowery. Above all, very friendly people and green surroundings.


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