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Tips for a Gold Coast Surfing Vacation in Costa Rica
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Surfers from all over the world love the convenience of a surfing trip to Costa Rica.  Read on to find out how to surf diverse breaks all within one hour of the international airport in Liberia, with direct flights to major cities in North America.

For beginners, the recommended spot is to go directly to Tamarindo.  Tamarindo is a sheltered beach hidden behind Isla Capitan, and thus receives less swell than most other beaches in the area.  Waves break on the beach at a size perfect for beginners.  There are many surf shops with tons of instructors and boards to rent, so stop in a get yourself a lesson.  You'll practice standing up on a large and stable board with soft foam cover.

For more advanced surfers, I recommend you stay at Playa Grande.  The beach break in front of Las Tortugas is one of the most consistent in the country.  There are may be 30 unsurfable days a year at Playa Grande.  The main peak throws lefts and rights and occassionally barrels.  There are also smaller peaks to the left and right including the rock, Pochotes, and further down, Casitas.

You might also like to try out Playa Langosta, on the southern end of Tamarindo.  You drive through Tamarindo following the signs to the Barcelo Hotel.  The break here is heavy and with a moving peak, so not ideal for novices.  It can be surfed on a mid tide, which is nice when most other beaches are best before and after high tide.

Avellanas is another great location. The rivermouth consistently breaks left and right.  Be careful if surfing on a low tide as there is a submerged rock.  Little Hawaii is the most famous break at Avellanas.  It breaks on the reef west of the Hacienda Pinilla beach club.  For an easier swim, walk well south before swimming out and you won't have to duck dive nearly as much.  Little Hawaii is mostly a right that can get double overhead with a large swell.  Going left will drop you in a rock area, so generally not recommended.Tamarindo Surf

Playa Negra is a great beach for advanced surfers.  There is a large barreling left when the swell is good.  Be careful as there are rocks on both sides of the main break.  Watch the locals to get an idea of how to surf this break.

You might consider surfing Little Hawaii on a mid tide and then making your way to Playa Negra for the rest of the day if the tide is working your way.

The great part of this area of Costa Rica is that it is slow close to the airport and has consistent swell throughout the year.  Search Playa Grande Surf Report on google to get an idea of how the waves are breaking.

Visitors love the fact that the water is so warm too!  You never need a wetsuit, only occassionaly needing a rash guard.
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