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Las Catalinas Update
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Playa Danta Costa RicaThe developers of Las Catalinas project near Flamingo Costa Rica, invited area real estate professionals out for a progress update yesterday afternoon.  The homes now have roofs and work has begun on some of the interiors.  The landscaping between the beach and the first phase of homes is now mostly complete, and gave the group from Hidden Coast Realty a good idea of the feel of the project.  We loved it!

The homes are elevated slightly above the pedestrian park on the beach, and the foliage is light and tasteful allowing great views of Playa Danta and the Pacific.  Construction on the first group (owned by participants in the project), are slated for completion by April 1st.

Charles Brewer spoke briefly stating that he is fired up about the project and emphasizing that he is really working for a great community for families with children.

The owners of Lola's were on hand for the unveiling of Lola's Norte, their second restaurant that hopes to be open by the end of February.  The restaurant has a similar feel to Lola's at Playa Avellanas, with tables set in sandy areas with good shade and great views of the beach.

Lola's  NorteWe also understand the outfitter store will be open shortly, allowing visitors to rent sea kayaks, snorkel gear, floats, etc.  All of this is open to the public so consider spending a day there in the near future.

If you are interested in purchasing at Las Catalinas, please send an inquiry through the Las Catalinas listing page.

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